Are you still believing these alcohol myths? Burst out of them.

Since no one ever actually taught us about alcohol, we all tend to believe everything and anything we are told when it comes to drinking and alcohol, especially about hangovers. God, what have we not tried to avoid them?

However, all that information we are even given often ends up in clashing with each other and a large number of us end up not knowing anything about alcohol.

Very often than not we tend to use weird “hacks” to get around hangovers or get a better buzz out of a cheaper amount. However, some of these myths can hurt your body or cause you real harm. Therefore, it is crucial to be sure which of your alcohol hacks actually work and which are myths.

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Matthew Santoro busts the biggest myths attached to alcohol whether it is the wrong hangover cure, a scientifically incorrect information or that one person that claims to have a huge tolerance for alcohol (Uh-huh, it is a myth). Knowing a little more about your drink can ensure you happy drinking and a fit body (somewhat). Having said that, knowing more can never be hurtful to you.
So, Bust your alcohol myths with Matthew Santoro and drink confidently and safely -






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