What happens when foreigners try our Desi Daaru?

A daaru taste test. Why didn’t they just call us for this?

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Ah, our desi daarus. For those that don’t know what exactly desi daaru is, they are a typically Indian liquor made by a process that has been passed down for centuries. They are a very popular alcoholic beverage in Indian villages and, with the middle class and poor population, in the cities.

We all have heard about Desi daarus. We have all been warned about the adulteration of, the lack of hygiene and especially the smell.

Ever wondered what a few foreigners would say about it? Leaving wine and beer behind these (lucky?) foreigners try some flavours of Desi Daarus.

Four foreigners tried out three flavours of desi daarus, and we got all kind of reactions. Some were disgusted, but some found a new love in our Indian daaru, some cringed while others enjoyed the taste. 

Frankly speaking, foreigners and desi daaru, is not a good mix. Check out the link below to watch the full video.






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