Why we Love Desi Bars - A Video by Being Indian


There are two sides to a coin. Similarly, there are two sides to drinking alcohol as well. While everyone loves going to expensive pubs and bars but sometimes desi bars have an original charm that acts as an escape from your everyday problems.

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Here’s a new video by Being Indian where it shows why we love the Chakna in desi bars more than french fries and nachos in an expensive pub. While you enter a desi bar alone, you are never actually alone over there. Everyone over there has a certain problem or yearns to be in a desi bar from time to time, the sole reason being, you can let go of all your inhibitions and act any way you feel. Judgments take a hike; nobody troubles you. New relationships are formed, love starts overflowing, and even new business ideas emerge between strangers. This is where the charm of a desi bar lies in because you are made to feel special.

So while several themes are emerging in the pub culture starting from music themed to medieval themed and several others, the desi bars never seems to go out of style no matter how much the modern culture changes.

Check the hilarious video here:






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